The Baths

Vulcano is nowdays affected by volcanic phenomena, mainly steam, more evident on the Gran Cratere as in some parts of the East Bay, which make the waters therapeutic and pleasantly warm even in the coldest months of the year. The mud puddle is a hot “natural volcanic pool” fed by volcanic showerheads which bring water, sulfur and metals to the surface with a continuous production of very fine mud.

The warm waters are found in a part of the coast, next to the mud, and are determined by submarine showerheads which heat the water and produce a very pleasant natural hydromassage. The thermal sulphurous waters of the island are recognized as among the most effective in the world in the treatment of certain pathologies; the most common are listed below for which there is a therapeutic indication:  
Spa therapy must always be suggested by a doctor, as it could be contraindicated in some diseases.
Wellness includes even a delicate warm bath at sunset, beauty care, talking in the most famous living room in the Aeolian Islands.